The Project was started in 2010-11 with the financial assistance from Government of  Jammu & Kashmir under the Project "Nutrient  Indexing of Crops to monitor changes in Soil Fertility and Soil Mapping using Global Positioning System (GPS)" (J&KSCST & RKVY).    


 The objectives of the project are:

  • *    To find out the concentration of multinutrients in the samples under different farming systems.

  • *    To evaluate the changes in soil fertility.

  • *    To know the extent of nutrient deficiencies in different farming systems.

  • *    To prepare the soil fertility map using GPS.


Impacts of the Project:

  • The technology developed will maintain soil fertility and sustain productivity of crops.

  • It will help to monitor soil health because geo-referenced sites can be re-visited at any time to know the build up / depletion of nutrient elements.

  • It will help to identify the areas which are deficient/sufficient (Hot Spots) of nutrient contents.

  • It can be used for precision farming and site specific nutrient management to increase yeild, reduce production cost and   minimize negative impact of excessive fertilizers to environment.

  • It will give us accurate information about nutrient status for balanced recommendation of various nutrient elements.


  • Papers Published under the Project

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